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Emerging on the electronic music scene just under two years ago, Wojciech Stecko, the producer and artist behind the Mindheal project, quickly caught attention with the sound of his compositions.
He debuted during the pandemic with the album “Pandemic Moods”, transforming his reflections and experiences from this challenging time into a collage of sounds reminiscent of the nostalgic 1980s.

The music on the album is rich in eclectically intertwined sounds, balancing between the vintage and old-school tones of analog synthesizers from past decades and the purity of modern digital hues and soundscapes rich in space. This rather melodic mix is complemented by unconventional rhythms and pervasive orchestral colours, which, revealing themselves in both their natural sound and digitally processed form, create a unique atmosphere and transport the listener to a plane that will delight many aesthetes. The mood set by the album’s cover and titles transforms during the musical journey from dark and uneasy to a more reflective and nostalgic feel.

Available in digital version and a limited edition CD, the album surprises not only with its professional production but also with its attractive graphic design. It’s a proposition for those who seek something beyond extraordinary sounds and new sonic experiences – it’s also a nice gesture towards fans of visual art.

Tracks listing:
1. I Need More Oxygen
2. Why Did It Happen To You?
3. Vaccine – 1st Dose
4. Vaccine – 2nd Dose
5. Don’t Drop Bombs On Me Again
6. Dyspnoea
7. Be Careful
8. Anti-vaxxers March
9. Vaccine – Booster Dose

Music, Recording, Mix and Production – Wojciech Stecko

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