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:abstrakt – balancing on the border of prog/post rock/metal. Heavy riffs are interspersed with psychedelic synthesizer and futuristic intrusions. Rich rhythm section and multi-octave scale voice filled with emotions. These are some of their distinguishing characteristics. Might, especially, interest fans of such bands as Tool or Riverside.

:abstrakt has so far released two concept albums: Limbosis (2016) and Post Sapiens 101 (2019). The recent record takes you into a distant future inspired by hard sci-fi literature (i.e. Lem, Dukaj, Simmons and Watts).

Moments before the end of humanity, a spaceship with a cybernetic and conscious crew, being a copy of physically nonexistent mankind, the Earth and the Universe they knew, had been launched into the cosmic void. The life 2.0 goes on…

1. post sapiens
2. introduction
3. post sapiens 101
4. homo virtualis
5. dark web
6. terror
7. simple men
8. olympus mons

“post sapiens” video

Note: release date is 26th April 2019 – CD will start shipping then.

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