CD ATME “State of Necessity”


“State of Necessity” – a debut album of the Progressive Rock band 'ATME' from Wroclaw.

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“State of Necessity” is a debut album of the ATME band from Wroclaw. After releasing their EP “Forgiving Myself” in 2015, it is the second fully mature collaboration between the band and the producer Mark Dziedzic from Uniq Sound Studio. ATME has been operating on the Polish and foreign music scene since 2013. The group consists of four integrated personalities crafting their own musical style, which manifests itself in a variety of influences, variable meter and complex compositional structures. There are 12 tracks on the album, most of which is the sum of previously created compositions and inspirations collected since the band was formed, while the rest is the effect of work and ideas that appeared while the band were recording the album in the studio. “State of Necessity” is characterized by strong and heavy sound combined with spatial melodic parts of instruments and voice. The band invited guests to collaborate on the album, thanks to that the whole is additionally enriched with instruments such as saxophone, gongs, Tibetan bowls and didgeridoo.

Listen to a sample track “(un)cut Thoughts” from CD ‘State of Necessity’ by ATME:


As the musicians themselves claim:

“ATME is an experience of space. It’s the beginning of the journey to the roots, to unity with oneself and the world around.”


Łukasz „Luke” Pawełoszek – vocal, lyrics
Piotr Guliński – guitar
Adrian Nejman – bass, vocals
Paweł Zborowski – drums, percussion

Małgorzata Rabiega – Maciaszek – vocal
Łukasz Kotecki – Saxophone
Tomasz Kościukiewicz – didgeridoo
Agnieszka Bączkowska – Tibetan bowls
Leopold Komuszyna – gongs, koshi, concha

Mix and mastering: Marek Dziedzic Uniq Sound Studio

Producted by: ATME & Marek Dziedzic

Cover art: Maksymilian Novák – Zempliński
Booklet art: Kszysztof Rusinek
Cover and CD design: Piotr Gulinski
Art direction: Piotr Guliński and Łukasz Pawełoszek

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