CD LORIEN “Sny moje”


“Sny moje” (transl.”My Dreams”) – the third album of the Warsaw band Lorien..

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You want to dream about love, closeness, happy family and peace in the world, but meanwhile … Meanwhile, when you close your eyes, nightmares appear: eyelids full of coldness, human hatred and indifference, world plunged in war and chaos…

After a long break the group Lorien returns to the music market with the new album “Sny moje”. This is the third, and at the same time the most mature and coherent band album. As in the lyrics of Inga Habiba, the desires intertwine with disappointment, and tenderness with sharp rebellion, and in the music of the band, romantic melodies intertwine with strong, anxious playing.

In Lorien’s “My Dreams”, without giving up the darkness that characterizes me, it goes far beyond the “gothic” schemes with which he has been associated so far. In the band’s compositions you can hear elements of alternative rock, prog rock, folk … The real gem is the presence of a hurdy gurdy, which – used unconventional – gives the songs original and original sound.

The cover is also remarkable. The paintings by Arkadiusz Szymczak ARIUS perfectly harmonize with the vision of the world, which Lorien dreamed on his latest album.

1. I don’t
2. Mów do mnie
3. Miasto tonie
4. Porzucone
5. Faith-Healer
6. Ciało na pół
7. Nieważne
8. 45
9. Sny moje
10. Stop wojnie

Release date – 12th October 2018.

Listen to album samples on Youtube.

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