“Other Side” is the second album of “Marcin Pajak” project that includes nine climatic prog-rock compositions.

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“Other Side” is the second album of the “Marcin Pajak” project and it includes nine climatic prog-rock compositions. The album was recorded at Marcin’s home studio in 2018, and in 2019 it was mixed and mastered at the Serakos studio in Warsaw, and its premiere is scheduled for January 31, 2020. El Gordo Murkin sang guest songs on “The Call”, “Signs”, “From Within”, “Foreseen” and “Everytime We Seek the Truth”. Krzysztof Jaciow sang in the song “Other Side” and Violetta Gawara lent her voice to the song “Between the Skies”. Tomasz Faustus played the drums for the song “From Within”. The cover for the album was painted by Artur Kmita.

Marcin Pająk was born on October 21, 1982 in Kielce. At the age of 17, he began his musical education at a local Yamaha school in Skarzysko-Kamienna. He played the guitar in several projects – incl. in the heavy metal band Stone Heads, then in 2004 he went to London, where, together with drummer Tomasz Faustus, he founded a new project Out of Heaven. Then Marcin joined the group Schist (, which in 2009 recorded an album entitled Tribulation.

In 2011, when Schist suspended his activities, Marcin joined the Thetragon band reactivated in London and previously known in Poland, and began his solo project called Marcin Pajak.

Marcin’s first inspiration was the Pink Floyd band recommended to him by his older brother playing the bass guitar. With time, he also discovered new music genres, represented, among others, by bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Sepultura or Panther and many others, but it is the music of Pink Floyd and then other representatives of progressive rock (e.g. Steven Wilson, King Crimson, Opeth, Dream Theater, Riverside and Porcupine Tree) left the biggest trace in Marcin’s music.

More information about Marcin and his music – including selected songs – can be found here:

1. Between the Skies
2. Other Side
3. Falling Down
4. The Call
5. Signs
6. From Within
7. Foreseen
8. Everytime We Seek the Truth
9. Sen

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