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Roderyk is a project whose history began in 2003 in the ruins of the Międzyrzecz castle. It was there that the first compositions were created, surrounded by knightly fights, bursting mugs and grinding axes. From that moment, Mariusz Rodziewicz as a monodramist and bard, he began performing at historical reconstruction festivals all over Poland.

In 2008, in Wrocław, the duo Roderyk was formed, which included: Mariusz Rodziewicz and Maciej Klim.

Mariusz Rodziewicz: “Arrangements of our compositions referred to medieval music at the time, but … in music you can not limit yourself, which is why in some works we have included quotes of, among others, “Child in Time” by Deep Purple or Layla by Eric Clapton. So it was medieval and rock. Such a convention lasted for the next two years. ”

In 2010, Roderyk became a quartet and began working on the first studio recordings. New compositions saw the light of the “Alcedo Truvera” event from 2015. and will also go on the album “Celtia”, which will be released on May 25, 2018. It will be a collection of recordings, “selected pieces”, which are the culmination of ten years of creativity, various turbulences and team experiences.

The album will contain seven compositions, instrumental and vocal. What distinguishes and distinguishes the work of the Roderyk group is a “cinematic” illustration of the music, space and reference to the visual presentation of the concept. Arrangements are rich in instrumental parts, which develop with each minute, moving the listener to the world of different cultures, distant places, sometimes forgotten. Roderyk is a fresh look at folk music and gives a large dose of strong, spatial sound.

1. Kerry Polka-Celtia
2. Mistrz Łuku
3. Alcedo Truvera
4. Komnaty króla Aleksandra
5. W karczmie krasnoluda Zentara
6. Amaranda
7. Hypatia

Hera are some reviews (in Polish) and song samples:

Polska Płyta – Polska Muzyka

Released on 15th June 2018.

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