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‘Falling Dreams’ is an industrial journey through the dark corners of the human mind. Filled with energetic bass riffs and powerful synthesizers it takes the listener on an oneiric journey to the deepest hidden emotions. Shagreen jumps from ambient, dark wave ballads, to a distorted wall of sound mixed with electronics. The whole is complemented by a penetrating female vocal that gently contrasts with the psychedelic instrumental layer.

The singer is responsible for producing the album, while mastering was done by Erie Loch, known for her work with such performers as Skinny Puppy or Front Line Assembly.

The album promotes five singles that have received positive reviews from critics and listeners. Shagreen is a music project by producer, singer and violinist Natalia Gadzina, previously known for remixes for such artists as Lari Lu, Milky Wishlake or Small Mechanics, as well as collaborating on film projects like “7 feelings”, “Heavy Mental” and “Psubrat”.

The Beginning
Don’t Stop Me
This This
Stay Right There
One Word
Falling Dreams
All Of Me

Release date: 14th June 2019.

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