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Naked Root is a band from Łódź, Poland and is present on music scene since the beginning of 2011. The band’s style can be described as broadly understood Hard Rock with progressive inclinations. Each musician listens to different music and it is not only Rock, although most were raised on the music of Rush, The Police, Marillion, Yes and other Hard and Heavy. These quite distant musical fascinations have found a common goal: to play strong and energetic music, but at the same time melodious.

After quite a long period of musical search and a few personal changes, at the beginning of 2016 the band’s debut self titled album was released. In spring 2017 new drummer joined the band and since then the musicians have performed many concerts presenting material from the first album and at the same time worked over the material for the second album. In autumn 2019, the band recorded new material in the studio “Manximum Records” for the album “The Maze”.

The first nine songs on the album tell the story of a young woman and her relationships (Joy Toy, Numb Affection), her struggles with nightmarish memories of childhood and youth (Thorn), insomnia (Howling Moon), with her limitations arising from upbringing and the environment in where she grew up (The Maze, Folk Wisdom), with false people (Fair Weather Friends). Our heroine sometimes escapes into the world of dreams (Stardust), but finally finds her way and place in life, leaving behind bad experiences (I Won’t Give Up).

01 Joy Toy (Listen on Youtube)
02 Fair Weather Friends (Listen on YouTube)
03 Thorn
04 The Maze
05 Numb Affection
06 Howling Moon
07 Stardust
08 Folk Wisdom
09 I Won’t Give Up
10 You Know My Name
11 Cierń
12 Dolina snów
13 Nie poddam się

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