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“Trzymaj się” (“Hold On”) are 12 songs about disappointment with the world and people, in which resignation is mixed with a sudden impulse of the heart and concern for people. Twelve songs that are like smoke displayed on top of a great mountain, or flares deployed in the middle of the ocean. All this to find out if anyone else is still there. To find similar ones is how to overcome loneliness.
So this album is about the sense of alienation and confusion that grows over the thinking ape in its most advanced times, when it realizes its boundaries. Civilization promised its continual development, and in the end only disappointment and hardship of thinking remained.
Unfortunately, we have no answer how to help ourselves in this case, but there is some pleasure in doing things just for nothing.

01. ptaki 3:31
02. możesz mnie zabić 3:25
03. sprawdź, czy żyję 3:05
04. lodowate serce 3:25
05. władcy czasu 3:17
06. spadam 2:56
07. podkarpacie 3:09
08. wezmę wszystko 3:30
09. zdjęcie 3:03
10. trzymaj się 3:31
11. stado 3:40
12. żelazne skrzydła 3:21

Music – Na Tak
Lyrics – Dorota Krempa, Piotr Kala (09)

Na Tak:
Dorota Krempa – Vocals
Sebastian Napierała – Guitar, Synths, Laptop
Piotr Kala – Bass, Bass Synth

Production, Mix and Mastering – Piotr Kala, Sebastian Napierała
Graphic design – Maciej Albiński
Photographs – Piotr Kala
The album was recorded and produced at Studio Bychawka 2019 – 2022
Released by in 2022

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