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On the new album of the band MinimumMasy e will hear 12 new compositions that have been carefully prepared and polished by the band. Apart from the single “debitels” , the greatest interest of the listeners is aroused by such energetic songs as “tramway“, “ulice” or “onana“. Musically, we will hear alternative rock, reggae and the wealth of electronics, while the text layer, for which Wojciech “bocian” Bociański is responsible, provokes reflection and reminds us of the distance to the surrounding everyday life.

Tymczasem” in the physical version was released on CD in a limited edition of 600 copies. Responsible for the cover design is Grzegorz Bobrowski from Divinarium Rec.

What the musicians of MinimumMasy write about themselves:
The unique style and sound of MinimumMasy is the result of a successful romance of reggae, rock and electronics. The team draws from all of these genres, but leaves none of them intact. The musical and verbal challenges are a journey into the known – the unknown. It is the world of MinimumMasy, in which a brilliant guide tells us stories, and is accompanied by neat and funny sounds, only seemingly coming from the speakers – this music flows straight from the heart.

One should not pass by the MinimumMasy team indifferently. This child of Upper Silesia is several years old. The beginnings of the band date back to 2003. At that time, the band developed its own style – in search of the perfect line-up, new people (mainly guitarists) often brought interesting ideas with them.

The first album of the band MinimumMasy ironically titled “Nareszcie” (“Finally”) was released in 2009 as the band’s own and independent publishing house. The album “tymczasem” is released under the aegis of Divinarium Rec.

Band members:
bocian – vocal, bass
czarny – drums
martin – guitar, vocals
wiktor – keyboards

01. my mamy czas
02. debitels
03. ulice
04. na sen
05. tramway
06. beskidzka dyska
07. powoli
08. prosto z serca
09. hipocrotes
10. onana
11. taki ma być
12. zimowy sen

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