CD KONTAUR “Fragile Bonds EP”


“Fragile Bonds” is the second EP from Kontaur – a project by musician and music producer Konrad Niedojadło.

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“Fragile Bonds” is the second EP of the Kontaur project by musician and music producer Konrad Niedojadło. Here again Kontaur collaborated with the singer Julia Mika, who provided vocals in three songs.

“Fragile Bonds” is a musical journey into the world of modern electronics with elements of guitar and piano sounds. Stylistically, it is a mix of Dream Pop, Indie and Electro. Songs from this EP are sometimes drowsy, leisurely flowing sound collages saturated with many layers of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines.

Konrad Niedojadło is the author of the lyrics and music, and Przemek Daniłowicz (Silent Production) is responsible for the mix and mastering. The material was recorded in the home studio Violet Room, and vocal tracks were recorded in Maq Records under the watchful eye of Wojtek Barchański.

The author of the cover and graphic design is Polish artist Bartek Bałut, and Bullet Studio is responsible for the music video for the promoting song “Paramount”.

1. INNER TAINT feat. Julia Mika
2. PARAMOUNT feat. Julia Mika
3. HIGHER AND HIGHER feat. Julia Mika

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