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Music and Innovation
Over the past two years, Wojciech Stecko, known as Mindheal, has captivated the electronic music scene as a creator who blends modernity with the best traditions of classic analog “electronica”. His latest album, “Sounds Of Dystopia”, continues this sonic journey that began with his debut during the late pandemic period.

Released in September 2023, this album signifies the artist’s evolving compositional and arrangement prowess, weaving together diverse musical styles into a unified sonic narrative. It’s an eclectic mix that oscillates between the nostalgic retro vibes of 1970s and 1980s analog synthesizers and the crisp, fresh tones of contemporary digital synths. The album juxtaposes deep bass lines and vintage sounds with modern, spatial soundscapes and rhythmically nuanced textures.

Message and Reflection
This album is not just a sound story but also an artistic commentary on our times, where the analog and digital worlds intertwine harmoniously. In this context, the album’s sound eclecticism parallels the era we are witnessing.

Mindheal delicately delves into the theme of dehumanization and the erosion of human connections in a world increasingly dominated by technology, virtual realms, and artificial intelligence. The album is also an artistic reflection that raises questions about the future of humanity at a time when society is on the brink of digital transformation. The titles and essence of the tracks reflect nostalgia for the times of “analog people” and the fading values they represented.

Global Echoes and Design
“Sounds Of Dystopia” has gained international recognition, evidenced by an accolade from the Argentine record label Cyclical Dreams, which ranked it among the TOP 12 most interesting electronic music albums of the month worldwide.

The limited edition CD attracts attention not only with its professional sound quality but also with its distinctive graphic design. This unique project is an offering for those seeking more than just music. It’s an invitation to intellectual contemplation of the contemporary world, as well as an attractive gift for connoisseurs of visual art. A must-have for fans of electronic music and those who appreciate creations with a message.

1. I Miss Analog People
2. Welcome To The Apocalypse
3. Let’s Buy Some Free Time
4. Pollution Of Minds
5. Social Exhibitionism
6. Generation Z
7. Digital Pleasure
8. Homo Crudelis
9. Stupid Nostalgia
10. Ambient Lullaby For Robot

Music, Recording, Mix and Production – Wojciech Stecko

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