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Marcin Pajak is returning with his sixth studio album titled “In The Space”. The album that consists of eleven tracks in progressive rock style will take us for over one-hour journey into space where the main character constructs the spaceship and goes for a long, exhausting journey to find the new home for all the humanity. From the opening to the very end, every song on the album tells a single, unbreakable story, complete with all the highs and lows the main character experienced.

The story begins with the song “No More Time”, which tells us about the state of our planet and how it makes our hero decide to leave it. In “Building the Rocket”, he builds a spaceship and prepares to go. “Liftoff” is the song where the whole mission begins, and the spacecraft finally reaches space. “Gravity” expresses the excitement of being in space for the first time, and the long journey begins with the more than ten-minute track “Space Travel”. “Emptiness” expresses moments of doubt after a long time alone. The “Kuiper belt” takes the spaceship towards the end of the solar system, where our hero finds the planet he’s looking for and tries to take the spaceship down. Due to an unfortunate situation, he was unable to land, and in the next track, “Towards The Unknown”, he returned to a dark, empty space. “Last Chance” is a song where new hope is born out of nowhere, and he takes the chance to bring a spaceship down to a new planet. The final track of the album is “New Beginning”, which shows our hero in his new reality.

The story consists of many plot twists and mood changes. Which together with the music makes us feel part of the story.

Marcin Pajak – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Piotr Sitkowski – Keyboards and Synthesizers
Wiktor Świerczek – Saxophone
Tomasz Zawadzki – bass
Nicholas Schlesinger –– drums
Mix and Mastering: Magda i Robert Srzedniccy, studio Serakos

1. No More Time
2. Building The Rocket
3. Liftoff
4. Gravity
5. Space Travel
6. Emptiness
7. Kuiper Belt
8. Thick Clouds
9. Towards The Unknown
10. Last Chance
11. New Beginning

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