CD HEY J “Puzzle”


The debut mini-album of the singer and instrumentalist.

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“Puzzle” is the debut mini-album by artist Hey J. All songs are very diverse and each one is different. The “Puzzle” album is a mix of electronics, pop, alternative and rock. Each listener will find something for themselves on this CD. Hey J has combined all the sounds of Polish music, thanks to which we will find very energetic as well as acoustic songs on the album. It is hard to paint the “Puzzle” with the same brush. It is a ‘puzzle’ that, however is so different, as a whole it gives a coherent message. Hey J is characterized by originality and curiosity of ideas. It can not be compared to any other artist.

Hey J, or Justyna Dobroć – vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter. Hey J is gold, black and pink in one. For Hey J, every person who listens to her songs is DIAMOND. And she puts all her HEART into music. The artist is a graduate of the first-class Music School named after Oskar Kolberg in Radom. The music she creates is a mix of alternative, pop, electronic and even rock music. Hey J is not afraid of mixing musical genres. She focuses on innovation, but also on playing, making people happy and listening to music in the privacy of your home. On the stage, Hey J is a volcano of energy. Together with her musicians, Paweł Piotrowicz and Łukasz Kalbarczyk, she transfers the audience to a different musical space, thanks to which every viewer has a smile on his face and finds joy in his life.

1.Poskładaj mnie
3.Piosenka pozytywna
5.A było na tak
6.Pod żar
7.Chciałabym być dzieckiem
8. Dla Rodziców

Piosenka pozytywna
Poskładaj mnie
A było na tak

Hey J in social media:
Facebook: @heyjmusic
Instagram: @heyjmusic
Web page

Production / mastering / recording: Michał Wrzosiński
Graphic design:
Photographs: Magdalena Ruta-Rumag

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