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“Deszczowe Psy” (En: “The Rain Dogs”) project began on the initiative of Krzysztof Ochnio and Artur Hołuszko.

Krzysztof Ochnio is known to the fans of poetic music as a songwriter, composer, vocalist, and bass guitar player in the band “Coffeina”.
Artur Hołuszko, who led project musically, is a composer, producer, guitarist and mandolinist known, credited for porojects in cooperation with many stars: Maria Peszek, Anita Lipnicka & VOICEBAND, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Ewelina Flinta & VOICEBAND, Michał “Fox” Król, Natalia Przybysz, Jurek Zagórski.

Krzysztof Ochnio interpreted and translated polish language lyrics by Tom Waits and the publisher, which were met with the aproval of the star himself and his publisher.

“Tribute to Tom Waits” is a music item aimed at a mature audience who loves the sounds of classic rock, as well as the younger generation with the hope that it may be their first step to an exploration of classic rock.

The following people were invited to cooperate on the recordings:

Radek Zagajewski (Edyta Barosiewicz, Ewelina Flinta) – Guitar.
Tomasz Warowny (Lora Szafran, Joanna Woś) – Drums
Adam Wendt (Walk Away, Obywatel G.C., Danuta Rinn, Kasa Chorych, Bream) – saxophone
Radosław Kozaczyński (music producer) – keyboard / piano
Wacław Turek (Voice Band) – accordion
Arkadiusz Nawrocki (Lord Fader Studio) – Mix and Mastering

1. Dead and Lovely
2. Chocolate Jesus
3. Clap Hands
4. Downtown Train
5. Rain Dogs
6. Temptation
7. Yesterday is Here
8. Telephone Call from Istanbul
9. Cold Water

Clip for “Clap Hands”:


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